Guild Council Rules

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Rules and procedures for the guild council as of the date July 31 2019

The council consists of 5 members; One council leader and 4 council members. Currently the Council Leader is Dark Loki.

1. Any councilor can bring any subject to the council to deliberate with the exception of the websites. They can offer suggestions to the council leader, however only the Guild Master and Council Leader have authority on the websites

2. The council shall remain unbiased toward issues and delegate based the evidence and heart felt honesty. Mercy must be at the heart of all rules and be fair and just

3. The council has no authority to make rules in the guild that discriminate based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, and (a wow only clause) faction. (This clause is needed if a future horde lightforge guild is to created and added to the guild.

4. The rules of the realms are paramount and this council has no authority to make rules that violate them.

5. The council has the authority to report member infractions to guild master. (this clause is a separation of powers to prevent bias in the council.)

6. when a councilor seat is empty the council leader has the authority to replace with whomever he sees fit. But if the Council Leader's seat is empty only the Guild Master can replace it out of the current council members.

7. The council has no authority to usurp the guild master nor council leader.

8. In the eventual temporary leave of the guild master (for any reason) the council
leader has authority to lead the guild in his absence. (Council leader will automatically loose acting guild master authority upon guild master's return.)

9. Club Leaders are chosen either by the guild master or council. The criteria for counselor and club master are the same. Activeness in both the game and the forums. (activeness is considered 2 or more times a week) to be considered. And have experience and knowledge of the club they represent .
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