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      These rules are put in place so that everyone can have fun with few problems. It is essential and required that you conduct yourself as the best human being that you are. Violation of these rules will have you sent in the lava pit jail; repeated violation will result in either  a suspension from the server/site or a permanent ban by both username and ip.
      1. Always respect other players in game and on the forums If someone is no respecting you report them to the moderators/admins
      2. Swearing is not permitted in open chat because children/minors play here; and on the forums.
      3. Region claim  plugin has been added allowing you to select your region and claim it. You have to give permissions to the person you allow inside your builds.  Commands will be added soon
      4. Always respect the moderators/Administrators
      5. No intentional wanton destruction of custom terrain worlds
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