Introducing New Custom Terrain Worlds

I have added new custom terrain worlds to the lineup that are all ready to explore and build on. boreus- contains landscapes oceans and mountains suitable for a pirates, which is why it is named aptly so and set as

The Elemental Path

Added to stuff you can craft in LightForge are 8 Elemental swords These swords when dropped together create a master elemental sword. The Elemental path has been created to the redstone wizard’s home. Inside the home is a hidden path

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    Welcome to LightForge Minecraf...

    5 May 2021 , by Jack

    Were back with new spawn area I created with several schematics and my own builds, new addition is the Elemental Swords in crafting. I have included a special path and a temple with clues on how to create these powerful swords.

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The Elemental Path

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